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Introducing the first modern beachfront condos 1 hour from Panama City.

Cleverly designed with a European tropical touch, our units are known for their large open-air design, radiant natural light, high ceilings and stunning views towards the sea and the mountains where on each floor and room can enjoy.

For your convenience, we offer furniture packages “turnkey” available for purchase – offer contemporary furniture and a variety of accessories for your convenience.

Rental Pool

Bala Beach Residences are ideal for those in search of a style condominiums “turnkey”, which generate immediate income return.

While condominiums are not in use, our residents have the option to rent your condo in our unique style hotel rental program.

Our job is to proactively market the apartments and meticulously maintain the waterfront properties of our owners, providing investment solution “turnkey” in which both owners and tenants can enjoy and getting paid for it – for now and all eternity.

Read more about our unique rental program in Bala Beach

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PH Loft Floorplan

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Date: September 13, 2015